Dumbbell Leg Circuit

This is one of my favorite leg circuits to do every week. And with playing in the sand all day, we need all of the leg strength we can get, which is why it is important to strength train your lower body at least 1-2 times per week. These exercises are not too complicated, but can really get you sore the next day if you aren’t used to working these muscles.

When planning out my workouts for the week, I have to keep in mind the type of equipment that I have access too. Now if you go to almost any large gym, there is a squat rack or a smith machine, but there is always someone using it (at least that’s how the student gyms are here at UF). I am pretty impatient when lifting, so waiting 10 minutes for someone to finish their set, just isn’t for me.

However, there are always enough dumbbells available. Some of the more basic gyms may not have kettlebells, barbells or a squat rack, but there are almost always dumbbells. So I have since been catering my workouts to exercises that only require access to dumbbells. Hence, the “dumbbell leg circuit.”

To warm up my legs before lifting, I like to stretch, do body-weight squats and jog for about 5 minutes on the treadmill. After this circuit, I will do abs for another 5-10 mins and finish off with at least 10 minutes of cardio. In a later post, I will show you guys my go-to ab exercises that are sure to sore the next day. Happy lifting!

Dumbbell Leg Circuit

  • Side Bench Step-ups 4×10 each leg (medium weight)
  • Dumbbell Hip Thrusts 4×10 (heavy weight)
  • Goblet Squat 4×10 (medium weight)
  • Single-leg Deadlifts 4×10 each leg (medium weight)
  • Dumbbell lunges 2×12 (heavy weight)
  • Squat Jumps 2×10

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